Ringwood Bowling Club

A friendly club on the fringe of the New Forest, close to Bournemouth

Our club took another step out of the current crisis today with 18 players venturing to Boscombe Cliff to accept their lockdown challenge. The event was very well organised indeed by the host club and thanks must go to them for their hospitality. The green was also in very good condition and a pleasure to play on. Their organisational skills didn’t quite extend to the weather but at least we didn’t get too wet. 

The format of the challenge was 3 sessions of 5 pairs games, each game comprising of 2 sets of 8 ends, 2 points for each set, 1 for a draw. 

The session scores were:- 

Session 1 Ringwood 9-11 Boscombe

Session 2 Ringwood 12-8 Boscombe

Session 3 Ringwood 18-2 Boscombe

Total        Ringwood 39-21 Boscombe

The first 2 sessions were very tight and we did well to take the smallest of leads into the third sessions. There were notable performances from Mavis and Brian who won both their Mixed Pairs sets comfortably and from Allan and Fred who came back from 0-8 down after 5 ends to snatch a point in their Any Pairs game. 

The final session proved decisive. All 10 of our bowlers doubled up in that session. Overall I think our comparative level of experience combined with all having played a game saw us take control of this session, winning 9 out of 10 sets. Special mention to Den and Derrick who took the final set of the Mens Pairs against very strong opposition after they had been press-ganged into action. 

Overall it seemed as though the day was a success and generally a positive experience. Many thanks to our hosts, thank you to our members for supporting the day, and we can look forward to the return fixture on 1st August. ‘